Taking Tea on a new journey! (Feb 19, 2018)

The new year has brought a new outlook and a new adventure for my dear tea company, Set to a Tea.
It's time to bring my passions together in a new format so that you and I can enjoy them. What passions you ask? A passion that will remain is my love for afternoon tea! But, I've been doing some soul searching on how I want to pursue this.
One idea, almost a yearning, is travel! I have wanted to travel my whole adult life.
Not just have tea in the fabulous Grand Floridian but actually go to The Peak District in England and see Hilltop Farm, open the garden gate to Beatrix Potter's walled garden and take tea down the road in a charming tearoom. Let me tell you, the list goes on and on. So now is the time! I finally have my new passport in hand and have booked my first European trip. (not giving that destination away just yet :)
Another passion that has been lurking in the background for many years is travel sketching. I think it first came to light when I saw some cute sketches in a magazine article. And I thought to myself, what a fun way to keep an artistic diary of my adventures! So, I've started practicing, sketching to my hearts content everyday in prepartion.
sketching and watercoloring #practiceisart
sketching and watercoloring #practiceisart

As you can see from the photo, I'm incorporating watercolors. A few weeks ago, I post one of my watercolor sketches on Facebook. A friend commented on my photo, "I didn't know you had that in you". Well my dear readers, I knew it was inside and now is the time to let it out and enjoy it!
And last but not least, is my love for sewing and my tea cozy line. That was my first product line over 25 years ago. It means alot to me and I want to keep sewing, designing and sharing this line with you, a new limited edition collection each month. More about that soon!
I'm feeling excited and energized as I dream about this new adventure and I am so looking forward to sharing it with you!

Have a tea-rific day!