Taking tea with the DuPonts!

When you live in the Philadelphia, PA area you hear some names quite often. To many, this name means carpeting, paint, and chemicals. In the past four years I've learned that it also means philanthropy by way of the Hagley Museum & Library, Winterthur, Longwood Gardens, Nemours and more!
The DuPont family created a lasting legacy in the Brandywine Valley and I've been taking time to
learn more and explore.

Last week, I gathered around the tea table with my colleagues from the Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association. We enjoyed a tour of the grand hotel, historic theater and famous Green Room.
As you can see, there's not much green decor in this room! We heard several stories from our tour guide as to why it is named as such, we liked the story of the DuPont daughter naming it and are going with that one!.

The Grand Ballroom, which took over 12 months to install in 1913 is magnificent! The old world charm just abounds from every surface and I couldn't do it justice! This room is something you have to experience for yourself!

The Club Room adjoined the Ballroom, and I'm sure many glasses of port were drunk and cigars smoked while the Ladies enjoyed their own company during the intercessions at the playhouse or ballroom. This painting was done by Wyeth, (another Brandywine Valley "name") using paints made by DuPont. It hangs over one of the fireplace mantels, softening the hand carved paneling that furnishes the room.

There is a secret door in the paneling that leads from the Club Room to the Playhouse. We took the less direct route so that we could enjoy the Gallery Room that led to the Playhouse. And we even got to look out over the Playhouse from the stage. They've done an incredible job updating and modernizing the theater without losing the charm of the 1914 decor.

After this tour we were ready for tea and treats! The Green Room was quiet and charming in luxurious draperies, carpeting and well worn mahogany.

White tablecloths and napkins were set at our places, the server waiting to help us make our decisions. The menu this month featured chocolate teas and treats! Perfect for this chocoholic!

I am a bit of a tea snob, and was happy to see that I had complete control of my steeping time! There's nothing worse than sipping bitter tea, especially when you want to take your time and enjoy the company and surroundings!

I can highly recommend this destination for Afternoon Tea! In fact, as you're looking at the delicious food, I'll be making my next reservation!

I'll be sharing more tea time with the DuPonts in my next post :)

Have you spent tea time at a special destination? I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. What beautiful photos of your tour! The tea food looks so delicious and a great way to enjoy the day. The last photo of the Royal Copenhagen china is so beautiful. Would you be kind enough to tell me where you took the photo! Please, come take a peek at my post this week!
    Have a great week!


    1. HI Pam,
      So glad you enjoyed my post and thanks for the comments! I took that photo of the china on breakfast tray at Winterthur. It was part of the Downton Abbey exhibit. Now off to visit you!

  2. Now that is lovely. What an impressive place and the food looks wonderful. So glad you got to experience this with friends! Glad you shared too!

  3. I think I see Nancy Reppert in the photo!


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