Napkins-An Easy detail that delights your guests!

Whether you're planning a big do or quickly setting the table for guests who are popping by, small easy details will welcome your guests!

I just adore fabric napkins! They're good for the environment and make your guests feel special, all at the same time. You can pick them up at thrift shops, vintage goods shops and big box stores. They can be huge dinner napkins, manageable luncheon napkins or dainty tea napkins! Even pretty vintage
hankies and tea towels make lovely napkins! 

Because I make napkins, both tea sized and luncheon sized, I like to use them! As Oprah says, use your special things Everyday! 

Here are a couple of my favorite EASY napkin folds, they are my "go-to" details that make my
place-settings inviting.

Just Tuck it In!                                                                                                                                       A pretty floral napkin can make your white dishes enchanting and easily take them from season to season!

Loop it Thru!
Use your teacup handle to hold the napkin! I've fan-folded it here and pushed it the the handle instead of using a traditional napkin ring.

The Fan-Fold!                                                                                                                  This easy-peasy fold really does the job and adds flair!   

 You can compliment your color scheme with your napkins! Using a larger napkin will show off the pattern.

 A smaller tea sized napkin (9 1/2 " sq) works too, especially when you want to add a punch of color! 

 This fold is so versatile-you can even embellish it with a sprig or placecard!

And then there is the "Rose" fold!

When you really want to make a statement, this fold is it! And it is SO easy! I made a quick video to show you and you will smack your head and say-She's right, that is so easy!I clipped a few leaves from my rose bush to add to the napkin (silk will do nicely too)Here's a close up!

It's such a small detail, but it sure does make your guest feel special! So while you're putting towels away in your closet, pull out those long forgotten cloth napkins and use them tonight for dinner!Your family will notice!
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