Tuesday, September 29, 2015

It's a Mad Tea Party, and I couldn't be happier!

It's a Mad Tea Party, and I couldn't be happier!

In celebration of Lewis Carroll’s anniversary I am setting the table for you! Follow the path through the garden, the white rabbit will lead the way.

Yes, the table is set and the Mad Hatter is no where to be found, but let’s enjoy the party and see what happens!

The white rabbit has found the hat among the books and look, it’s time for tea!

Beautiful butterflies are dancing on our plates, set on the blue and white tutu table skirt.

Rabbit ears hold the pretty napkins at each place setting, what time do you have? It's never too late for a scone, is it! Now let's pour ourselves a cup of tea dear, before the Mad Hatter shows up and disrupts everything!  

Thanks for coming to our tea party! It's always such fun to sit, and sip and enjoy a great story.

 I've shared this tea party in the current issue of  The Tea House Times! Watch for my blog post on their website for the quick and easy instructions on how to whip up those rabbit ear napkin rings.
I'll also be sharing how I made that tutu table skirt :)

                                        Tea party treats created by Chou-Chou Sweets!
                                        White Rabbit  and teapot clock salt shaker from Pier 1.
                                        Mad Hatter top hat fascinator from Disney.
                                        Enchanted Garden tea ware from me-Set to a Tea :)

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