Sharing the last Dog Days of Summer with your best friend!

During the last two weeks of August I find myself counting down till the cool crisp fall mornings!
I also find myself retreating into a cool relaxing spot in the yard where I can enjoy my magazines and a big pitcher of iced tea!
I grab my tote baskets(even my wheel barrow) and fill them with all the necessities and niceties that will make the afternoon a retreat. My new assistant, whom I adopted just 2 months ago, is lending a hand! 

We found a little niche in the back yard where a path leads through the holly trees and oak trees.

This offers some much needed shade and when there is a breeze, the leaves rustle to announce it so we don't miss it! 

I've covered the old glider with a crisp white cotton quilt (easy to wash
 and bleach when needed)
and tossed some pillows from the porch chairs in each corner of the arms.
Light weight nesting tables give me plenty of room to spread out the
 tea things and magazines!
I still love to flip through the real things, how bout you?
I even tucked the porch rug under the glider to keep my toes cool and bug free!

I can spend hours relaxing, reading and sipping in this Secret Garden retreat! 
It really only took me 15 minutes to load up the wheel barrow and set up my little retreat!
I think it took longer to take the photos than to set it up! :) Don't talk yourself out of a well deserved retreat because it will take a few minutes and trips out the door to set it up! You will get so much pleasure out of sitting, just being. It's worth the effort!
I've spent many hours this week enjoying it with my new buddy, Willie. 
In fact, I think he believes it's his new club house! 

Willie is a Malti-poo and joined our family just two months ago. He was adopted from the Mainline Animal Rescue Shelter. He's our first dog, and has adjusted well. As you can see from this photo, he does like to assist me and is quite the ham!

You'll find more photos of my Secret Garden Retreat in the 
July/August issue of TheTea House Times.

Happy National Dog Day!