Valentine Tissuepaper fun!

I'm setting the table for my Friendship Tea Party! Lots of pinks, reds and sparkle!
Today I've layered the table with my new pink & white chevron tablecloth; it's so fun and dramatic!
Next, I'm using a fun trailing hearts placemat that I've whipped up with red tissue paper! I was reminded of my old school days making this fun project so I thought that I would share it with you so that you can enjoy it too!

 First, I measured the tissue paper for the desired placemat size. I wanted a smaller one, 10 x 14" so that my luncheon dishes wouldn't get lost in a huge placemat.
 Then I fan folded it. 2" folds , vertically. Lightly folded so that the creases weren't crisp.
Then, I carefully cut 4 hearts. Only half the side of the heart, and left space in between the bottom of each so that they stay connected and left space on the curved side of the heart, also to keep them connected
. Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect and have fun playing. The first one took two tries to get it right and the second time around worked like a charm!
See, how cute is that?! Now I did trim off the "half heart section" which you get on one side of the placemat, it's just how the fan fold thing works. I finger pressed the folds so that it lays flat.
 I used a deep red tissue paper so that it really shows up on the tablecloth. Use whatever color works for you and have fun playing! Join me tomorrow as I add another layer to my tablescape!

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