Teacup Roses, More Tissue paper fun!

Now that you have your Connecting Hearts Placemats done, lets continue the tissue paper fun!
I've made a blooming napkin holder out of light pink tissue paper. The fabric napkin is rolled like a rose also, and placed in the center of the tissue paper.
Do you remember how to make those tissue paper flowers from your childhood? How about a refresher course?  Start with your tissue paper, I used a   6 x  9"  rectangle, 6 pieces stacked together.

Now fan fold it all the way across, I used a 2" fan fold.  Next use a piece of wire or even a twist tie and secure the center.  Trim each end of the fan folded strip with a nice curve. This will create your petals.
Now slowly and gently pull each petal layer on one side towards the center. Repeat this process for the other side. Since we plan on using the center of the bloom, you don't need to pull the tissue paper too tight towards the center. I made my blooms large and fluffy! I wanted them to make a statement!
Here's my placesetting! I love how the rose sits high up on the teacup, and pulls the colors from the floral plate. What do you think? Are you ready to give it a try and add a few blooms to your table? 

I also played with using a bright pink wrapped chocolate for the center. This would be lovely for a Mother's day setting! And how about a pink peep chic or bunny tucked into the center for Easter?
The options are so fun! Which one will you try?

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