Hooked on......Toile!

I'm hooked on "Toile"!
It's one of those classic designs that just stays on trend! Can you ever get tired of toile?
I've always had a fondness for it! I'll never forget the first time I laid eyes on a piece of toile, straight from France, when I was doing an internship at Ethan Allen.(many moons ago) It was a multi colored pattern of children and lambs, a real pastoral scene.

It opened my eyes to the wonders of fabric! You could say that it sparked my imagination also!

Now, I am always on the look out for fun ways to use toile, 
In fashion,
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in home decor,
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 as well as at tea party time,
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I will admit I find myself returning to red & white toile patterns! In fact, I can't get enough of them!
I'm always visiting this bathroom on her blog!
I have a very small powder room with a tiny vintage corner sink that would look lovely like this!
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And you can adore it for years and years because it just seems to get better with age.

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And red & white is easy to live with all year long! You can highlight the red over the holidays,

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play up the white to soften it for the summer

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 and it mixes so well with other patterns!

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I'm in the process of hanging new curtains in my bedroom to coordinate with a 
reverse toile comforter. (Usually toile patterns are printed on a white or creme
background and the scene or floral pattern is in a single color.
My comforter has the red background and the floral is white.)
I was inspired by Carolyn's room here!
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I'll keep my eyes open for more toile fun and in the meantime, you will see black & white toile all over my business cards and product packaging because I am indeed hooked!

For more fun visit my pinterest board, My love affair with Toile, here