How to make a Baker's Twine pom-pom garland!

I fell in love with baker's twine years ago when I got a little fruit tart at the new bakery in town and the box was wrapped in red & white twine.  Back then you had to be a bakery to get your hands on it!.Now it's all the rage and you can find it at your craft store!
 I love pulling red and white decor together for the Holidays and even into Valentine's Day too.
So when I was wrapping a present last week I started eye balling the twine and my mini Christmas tree. Let me show you how easy it is to make this cute little pom-pom garland!

Gather your baker's twine, ruler, scissors and a fork to get you started.
Here we go!
1.   Wrap the twine around your fork ten times.
2.  Cut a 4 inch piece of twine and slide it through the opening of the middle fork tine, right under the wrapped twine and tie a knot around the wrapped twine. Now you can slide it off the fork.
3.  Cut the loops on each side of your knotted pom-pom.
4.  Fluff up the pom-pom. I like to get the ends of the baker's twine all untwisted and fluffy.
5. Now use the longer ends to tie it to your garland. A regular knot will do, not too tight so you can move it around if needed.
Repeat these steps to make as many pom-poms as desired.  I used 7 for my 2 yard garland.

 Here's a close up of the twine around the fork. Notice that I am using the center of the fork tines so that I can easily slip that 4 inch piece of twine under the twine through the fork opening.

I like to make garlands 2 yards at a time. And I also put a little loop at each end. This makes them easy and quick to make and a piece of cake to hang or drape as needed.
When you tie the pom-poms to your garland, start in the center and then tie another on at your desired distance. Remember, they can slide a bit to be adjusted as you finish up the garland.
Have fun and make pom-poms to your heart's content! I know I did:)

Here's the first garland on my little tree.

Please feel free to share you pom-pom garland photos and let me know what color baker's twine you decided on!

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