Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hooked on ......Boxwood!

You may remember this photo from my post in September! I am in love with Staffordshire style dogs and when looking through Pinterest for photos I came across this one!
Sorry, there wasn't a link to this photo so that I could give credit to it!
Ever since then, I have been browsing my favorite blogs for boxwood!
It turns out that Courtney Allison from French Country Cottage has a penchant for boxwood everything too!
There are so many fabulous ideas on Pinterest that I created a board just for my love of boxwood!
You can find that here

When I had a minute I went straight to my FAV blog-Stonegable and took a peek at her Christmas Tour. And there it was!
To see more of this wonderful house tour click on the photo!
I just adored this simple and elegant boxwood wreath hanging by a lovely ribbon on the staircase! Voile, the idea stuck and now I see small boxwood wreaths everywhere.
But OH, the price! 

Well, I said to myself! I do have six small boxwood bushes in the yard, let's go see what I can do!
This is what I gathered! I think I could pull this off! 
So, on the hunt again I went into hubby's closet and grabbed two of those wire hangers from the dry cleaners and a bit of green floral wire.

I bent the hangers into a small frame to wire my boxwood bunches to.

I made 6 bunches of the boxwood and wrapped wire around each leaving a 3 inch tail on the wire. I used the wire tail to secure it to the frame. Now, you'll have to be patient and play with the bunches. And I will confess, that I am Not a perfectionist, so I made them simple and just a little full.
I made three wreaths and still had some to spread cheer around the house with. All for the price of...
my time. 

Here's my first Christmas decoration, Thanks for the inspiration, Yvonne!

Hope that you enjoyed my little post on boxwood and please do give me a shout out if you have any boxwood photos to share! I love browsing at boxwood on pinterest and facebook :)

Have a wonderful week!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grateful and Blessed Tea Time!

This time of the year inspires me to dress the table in rich colors and get the teapot out! So naturally I was thrilled when The Tea House Times asked me to put together a tea party theme with the rich colors of late fall as the inspiration. The first thing I did was take a walk outside, see what was happening in the garden and on the tress. Adding a few touches of nature to your tablescape brings such a wonderful feel to it! I spread these berries and leaves on the table and new in an instant that I wanted to use the rich reds and eggplant colors of my favorite tablecloth and napkins. This tablecloth also brought together a theme as well. I was able to incorporate my cute Staffordshire dog too!

Next I pulled some lovely glassware out. These are perfect for parfaits and such but today they made a pretty place card holder complete with metal jingle bell acorns.

Vintage china is set at each place, stacked dishes and teacups are layered on a creamy white charger. The gold and green are so rich and elegant on the backdrop of the deep eggplant tablecloth. I think placing the tea napkin between the layers really accentuates the gold design work on the china.

I used  both gold and silver in this tablescape to add a sense of elegance to it.  The deep rich tones in the floral arrangement are balanced with the sparkling silver vase. The silver rims of the water goblets pull the sparkle along the length of the table.

My dining room table, a french farmhouse style table is a rich deep tone and worked well with the colors of the tablecloth.  You'll notice that the tablecloth is square and not full size so it is laid in the center of the table. This gives the large table a sense of intimacy for the party of four. To complete the table I laid a white organza table runner with a damask pattern the whole length of the table, It gave the bold pattern of the first table cloth a way to recede and not compete with the pattern of the dishes. By layering the runner over the small table cloth you get a feeling of correct proportions.

I think this photo will give you a sense of the layering and coloring, I knew I was on the right track when I stepped by and saw it at this stage.

Now, it's time to enjoy! How about a nice pot of rich black tea with cranberries and oranges
I hope you take time to enjoy your pretty things with family and friends this season. 
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to get 3 yummy flavors of scones from one box!

If you've talked scones with me before, forgive me for repeating myself, but I just adore our gourmet scone mix for one reason!! It makes me look like a four star pastry chef! This mix is so easy and so delicious you will be emailing me and facebooking me with "Why did I wait so long to try your Scone mix?" 
This month, all I can think about it cranberries! Cranberries with my turkey, in my tea, and scenting my house with my favorite candles. So let's start here!
 With one box of Cranberry scone mix. What can you do with that?  Well, let me tell you! Once you grab hold of the "add-in" idea your imagination will amaze you!  This is all there is too it! Easy-peazie!

Make the Cranberry Scone mix as directed and....
   1.      add 1/2 tsp of almond extract as you stir! Add sliced almonds to the top of each 
            scone before baking.
                2.  add 1/2 tsp of orange juice (or extract, which ever you prefer) Add grated orange zest
             to the top of each scone before baking. 
        3.   Make the mix “as is” for yummy cranberry scones and serve with jam and cream warm                       from the oven!
I told you! So easy and they will think that you slaved in the kitchen for hours! 
Listen, I promise not to tell them if you don't tell my family.  

Oh, and I'm heading to the kitchen to add a cup of dried fruit to my scone mix for Fruit cake scones. Now that sounds yummy! What will your favorite "add- in" be? Post here and do share!
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