Hooked on......tureen lids!

I will freely admit that I have been admiring petite soup tureens for the past couple of years, ever since I discovered that dear lady, Miss Mustard Seed!
I was so excited to come across one and grabbed it as fast as I could without dropping it in my haste!
Here it is on my mantle last fall with my tea strainer collection. It is so graceful and it moves around the house often to be used for a vase, price tag holder and much more! On one of those occasions, I had placed that lovely lid propped up on my desk against the wall, and that's when it hit me! I just loved the shape and contours of the lid on the wall! I do have several plate groupings on walls throughout my house, why not use lids too? And then low and behold, they just started popping up all over the place! Just like when you get a new car, and then all you see is that model of car on the road!
In fact, I was attending a tea association meeting today at Tea by Two, Bel Air, MD and what did I spot, you guessed it-
A lovely corner with a lid and plate decorating the wall! Instant color in the corner to coordinate with the artwork opposite, a great way to add interest without competing with the framed print!

I've started pinning some great ideas from other bloggers, using tureen lids as home decor. Are you collecting lids to decorate? Do you prefer white? Feel free to share your photos and pins! And if you spot me at a thrift store or vintage shop, I'll be the one making the mad dash to grab the lids, I have quite a few empty walls to fill!