My 3 favorite Wake-Up teas!

Like most people, I am not naturally a morning person. This gal wants to get a good eight hours of sleep and that means I am not normally up watching the sunrise!
I do however have a young man who needs to catch an early morning school bus, so I am up (most mornings) with him. That gets the electric kettle humming around 6:00am and I am steeping a good wake-me-up cup of tea!
My top 3 picks-Black tea of course! for the biggest and best that tea can offer!

  1. Paris Market Day- my all time FAV for it's wonderful earl grey flavor with lovely vanilla and lemon notes added
  2. French Breakfast-a really bold cup of black tea with a yummy caramel flavor
  3. Currant Fancy-Sometimes I need a strong cup of black tea with a fruity note added, this is it!
There you have it, short & sweet and ready to wake you up! Now I will take this opportuni-tea to remind you that you will only get a bitter cup of tea, not stronger when you let your tea leaves steep a long time! Remember the rule of thumb- "Add more tea leaves; not more time" for a strong wake-me-up cuppa :)


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