Hooked on.....Staffordshire Spaniels

I don't know when I fell in love with these figurines. They came up on my radar long ago, 
but I never pursued them. I was busy collecting American Girl dolls, Power Rangers 
and Fisher Price pirate guys. I did keep a piece of fabric, a sample from interior 
design school days, in my stash.I came across that sample, last year and made a table
 cloth out of it and tea napkins out of the co-ordinating sample. Here it is!
While I was hemming it last year, I came across that wonderful little spaniel at a local home decorating shop. It's a Christmas ornament! So cute and the perfect size for a table-setting.

You often see these pairs of spaniels out and about at the antique malls. 
They can go anywhere from hundreds of dollars for good quality fakes to 
thousands of dollars for the real deal!

Over the summer I found a cute pair of black & white spaniels
                            at a little vintage resale shop in Lancaster, PA. I couldn't believe my                              good luck, because they were just the right size and a great price!

I could really go crazy collecting these little guys!
 They're so English and just say "let's do tea" to me! 
Imagine them visiting for the holidays!

and decorating your party table,

Or just enjoying them on the mantel as you sip your morning cup of tea!
Have a tea-rific Monday!