A little fall loveliness!

I've decided to have a few friends over for tea and luncheon. They work just a mile or so away from me and that would give us plenty of time to enjoy each other's company over a simple autumn salad, tea sandwiches, and scones. On the menu, Figalicious tea, cucumber sandwiches, fig & rosemary cream sandwiches, butternut squash salad and fig & walnut scones! Fresh fall flavors, yum!
When I think of early fall, the bright reds, golds and soft greens come to mind so that is the color scheme of my table.
You'll find some hydrangea in the center, low so that we can see each other and dried so that their scent is very mild. The aroma of the tea and food should be the focus!
The plates are stacked ready for the three courses. I've folded the glittered burlap placemats allowing for the four settings to fit at the table. The tiered table is pulled up to offer as a serving area, just as the Victorians did at tea time.

The tea napkins are tucked into the teacups, like flowers in a vase.

Time for a scone, are you ready?

Thanks for joining me for a tea time visit!
What's your favorite element of the tea party? Planning the menu, setting the table, making the invites? I'd love to hear about it!

You can find my tea party at:


  1. What beautiful photos of your table. I love that whiteware (I sell it at my shop) and it blends with anything......a great choice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a pretty autumnal setting! I love your tablecloth and napkins/glittered placemats. The dried hydrangeas are perfect and the white tea ware is lovely. I am loving your tiered table! What a fabulous piece to serve your treats from. Thanks so much for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a splendid week.


  3. What an imaginative menu! It all sounds delicious. The table setting is nice too, and I like the idea of the separate serving piece.

  4. I just had hand surgery on my right hand so can’t type very easily but wanted you to know I enjoyed your post today.

  5. Kathleen what pretty colors on your table.I love the bird cage on the napkin on your header page.So nice .Susie

  6. This is beautiful! Such a pretty fall tea.


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