Sunday morning musings...

I took a quick trip to Pittsburgh this week to visit my darling daughter. When I say quick, I mean the time I actually got to spend with her, not the time spent in the car. :) Pennsylvania is a huge state, coming from this New England girl who is used to traveling thru 4 states in 5 hours!

She and I did get to spend some time over tea, deciding that the best tea is the one at your own dining room table with a scone hot from the oven and time to catch up.

While getting errands done, and being the tea enthusiasts that we are, we traveled to 4 different tea shops, amazed at how each had a different style, perspective and offering of tea! Some were welcoming to new customers, some were not. Two, in downtown Pittsburgh were very different from each other, yet on opposite corners from each other! I always say, the more tea shops/rooms in a town, the better. One corner held a tea cafe geared toward students and the other was a Bohemian/Turkish style tearoom, in decor and service. You can find Dobra's Tearoom on facebook here
If we had more time, I would have talked my daughter into trying a cup of tea there, just for a different experience, although it was way out of our tea comfort zone!

We headed out to the other side of Pittsburgh to a traditional victorian tearoom, Bella's House of Fine Tea.
Bella, the owner did a great job turning a run of the mill commercial building into a relaxing tearoom. One thing a commercial building offers is a wide open floor plan rather than the small rooms an old house does. She can seat 40-50 people for events, which is unusual for a tearoom
After our quick trip to Bellas, just a browse thru and a conversation with the owner herself, we headed back to the Plum neighborhood to finish our errands. There we stumbled upon a tea bar in a small shopping plaza. It was a nice surprise, lots of room to relax on a leather chair or around a small table. This 4th tea establishment had a completely different feel to it, and as we left we had a great discussion on how each tea devotee can use their experiences to bring tea to the public in a variety of traditions, decors, tastings, you name it!
Which is why my daughter and I decided to steep a cup of tea at home and enjoy each other's company over our own table. Time is precious.
Have a tea-rific day!