Hooked on.......Window Boxes!

Tonight, as I visit Pinterest I keep crushing on window boxes! I'm HOOKED! 
I would love to have them, I'm just afraid that I would spend a fortune on the plantings because I do not have a green thumb and would therefore have to replace the plants every two weeks :) 
Maybe I should step into this slowly and try this...

then I could work my up to a flamboyant style!

And when I'm feeling confident, maybe I could talk my family into this!

or this!

Of course, my husband would say that the best use of a window box is this, (and it is pretty clever!)

Until then, I'll keep on crushing! You can find all my window box pins here and this will also take you to the original link ;) The clever bathroom storage idea is pinned on "My Style" board.

So I settle for the two large urns I have at either side of my front door
and play with changing those out, and using a bit of silk in those too.