Sunday morning tea time musings

It's 7:00 am and I've already finished my pot of tea! Sitting on the porch enjoying the cool breeze, a pot of tea, toast and the birds chirping, I realize that this love affair with tea helps keep my life balanced!
As the proud mom of 2 boys in scouting and the wife of a professional scouter, there's ALOT of camping, hiking and male "stuff" swirling around me everyday! Not to mention the soccer craziness!

In fact, I'm up 2 1/2 hours earlier that usual today to help my youngest up and out the door for his troop
bike ride to camp. He's been training for this 50 mile ride for over a month and I'm thrilled to see him
pull out, especially since he hadn't been on a bike since first grade!

Yes, all the lovely little pieces of tea time help me stay refreshed and renewed when life gets too hectic
and testosterone filled! How does tea help you?