Collecting- It's all part of a tea lover's life!

Meeting new people, sharing tea stories and collecting teaware is all part of the love of tea! 
I think every tea lover can claim a certain admiration for a teacup pattern, vintage tea towels, transferware and the list just goes on and on. We tea lovers just love to collect items that remind us of the joy of tea time!
A few years ago I had the pleasure of making a new friend who blessed me with several items to add to my tea collection. 

These tea strainers, which keep the tea leaves from making their way into your cup, added a new dimension to my collection.

The rough wooden handles of the two strainers reminded me that for many, tea was an everyday necessity for running the household. The handles are now smooth with age and I sometimes find myself slipping into daydreams of an English gentleman making himself a cuppa while his wife is busy preparing "tea" for the family in their cottage kitchen. 

Many pieces of my collection have been handed down to me from family and friends. This gives each piece a special meaning and a pleasure to enjoy!
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