A little music with my tea, please.

What does tea time music sound like to you?
Are you into classical while you steep your tea? Or do you like to listen to jazz while you contemplate life?

I prefer soft, quick light notes of classical music. It gives me time to think and silences all of life's distractions
while I enjoy most things. I notice that tea tastes better when I listen to violins playing. I just adore violins!
(Whenever I could get my family to agree, we headed over to another parish for mass just because they had a wonderful quartet, with a violin player!)

I discovered Pandora Radio a few years ago but am just now taking the time to personalize my stations.
In fact, today I set up a station just for tea time enjoyment, "Afternoon Tea with Set to a Tea"
I'll let you know how it goes. And do feel free to search for it and make suggestions.

Have a tea-rific day, and listen to a few violins!