Teacup Tuesday is coming up roses!

I'm back and having a little fun today! After a busy busy month helping my son complete his Eagle Project I needed to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes-admiring teaware! I've been checking out the lovelies over at Artful Affirmations "Teacup Tuesday" and decided that I want to play too!
This is one of my favorites, the chintz pattern and happy yellow just make me smile. It is holding a few dried roses and sitting on top of my desk, just there to be admired. 

                  Happy Teacup Tuesday!

Don't forget to admire the other teacups!


  1. Beautiful! I love that you put the roses in the tea cup, even though this tea cup needs no dressing up! It is a beauty! What a sweet vintage pattern. No wonder you love it so much. It makes me smile too!
    Best wishes for your son and his project.


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