Bonkers for Burlap!

For the past year or so, I've been watching my favorite bloggers and decor gurus use burlap with such style and grace! I've dabbled a bit, I admit it. I love the texture and color it adds. It can go from rustic to shabby chic in a flash, the versatility is just mind blowing!

When I needed to pull together some quick napkin rings I instantly thought of burlap! Here's where I started and oh, the fun I had searching my stash for decorations!

I started with a paper towel tube, cutting it into 2" rings. It was easy to cover the cardboard rings with the burlap using a low temp glue gun. I hid the raw edges by folding them towards the inside of the ring, but you may want the look of the raw edges for your theme.
After the ring was covered in burlap, which comes in many colors now too, the fun is just beginning!
I went through my button collection and adorned my new burlap napkin rings with pretty cameo buttons. You can also buy some pre-made scrapbooking trinketts, like the flowers pictured above. Instant glamour! The fab burlap ribbon shown above came with the black pom-poms! It took my breath away and I splurged on a whole roll of it!
I can't wait to use these on my next tea table. 
**I've been honored by the editor of The Tea House Times!** 
You can view my napkin ring craft project in the May/June issue, check it out here!

If you have a favorite burlap item or project, please do share it on my pinterest board, and comment below so we can admire it :)