Time for Tea! A Correspondence Tea Party

The Art of Afternoon Tea can transport you to a wonderful world of bliss and tranquility. Everyday moments become a celebration when tea is included!
 Spring ushers in a time of renewal as Mother Nature inspires us with her beauty. She beckons us to throw open the windows and enjoy the rebirth of the trees, and flowers around us.
Take a cue from this inspired renewal and set aside 15 minutes each week to enjoy a “Correspondence Tea”.
You may like to have a few items on hand each week:
·        1 cup of tea  (Herbal Tea is a nice reminder of the beauty of Spring)
·         1 Teacup Cozy (to keep your  tea warm while you write)
·         2  lemon shortbread cookies to nibble
·         1 pretty note card & envelope
·         1 pretty postage stamp
·         1 friend’s name and address
Find a comfy chair and pour yourself a spot of tea, preferably near a sun drenched open window, and revel in these 15 minutes of pleasure. Consider renewing a friendship by offering the gift of a letter. Or perhaps, the birthday of a dear one is approaching and well wishes are in order. A few choice sentences can bring a smile to both the writer and recipient.
Enjoy tea and your friends each week. There is great pleasure in both!

“A friend is a gift you give yourself”  Robert Louis Stevenson
One of my favorite books on this subject is "The Gift of a Letter" by Alexandra Stoddard