The making of a great Scone

You and I both know that when you think of a pot of tea the vision of the perfect scone is right there next to it. When you head out for afternoon tea with a friend or dear sis, you crave that moist flavor-packed treat to nibble on as you sip and chat.
How do you get that perfect scone when baking from scratch isn't your thing? When after years of raising kids, you are more suited to Sandra Lee's methods than Martha's. 

When I launched Set to a Tea, I knew the first order of business was to find the perfect scone mix to pair with all the wonderful teas we were serving to our tea tasting guests. The mix had to be easy! It has to be simple, needing only one ingredient added and most importantly, created a yummy moist scone.  I am pleased to say that all was found with our gourmet mix!

Of course, there are some tips I've gathered over the years and even a couple of tricks too. What better way to share these and help you create the best scone ever, than a quick video? So pull up to your kitchen  island, put the kettle on and sip back with my 6 part series on "In the kitchen-Scone Making"

Please do let me know what your favorite scone flavor is, which tip help you out and if you still have a question, post below. I just adore all your feedback :)