Taking comfort -Tea & Toast

Taking comfort in Tea & Toast

There's nothing like a good cup of tea! And then when you add a couple of slices of toast and jam............

It can make the worst cold better. The toughest day relaxing. Those five minutes of peace everlasting.
What memories does this conjure up for you? Did Nana make you tea and toast?  Was there a blizzard outside your door the last time you did this for yourself?
Take care of yourself today. It's a lovely winter day, with a crispness to the air. Put the kettle on, the bread in the toaster. (Find your jam in the fridge, don't squirt on the kids messy jam!) Use the prettiest tea cup and plate you own!   Go ahead and use a pretty napkin too! Do the things you'd do if the Queen was to stop in for a chat! Bless yourself with a nice cup of tea and yummy toast.


  1. You are tugging at my roots!!! Oh my.. tea, toast and jam.. the cure for all ills. I am the daughter of a Scottish and French mother and a Punjabi father. Tea and toast is a part of my fiber :-)
    Makes me long for some... and might have to go to the kitchen for some... a late night cuppa and some black currant jam.
    Thanks for sharing..
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Gee, you're right! It just cures all! Enjoy :)


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