Living with your Tea ware!

One of my favorite lessons from Oprah Winfrey is "Don't save your things for "Special" use them everyday and enjoy them"! I've been following that rule for as long as I can remember. I decorate with my favorite "special" china on the wall, I use the silver rimmed crystal that my aunt left me for everyday,(the juice tastes better) and I use all my beautiful china teacups as often as possible.
A question I was asked just the other day has inspired this post and sharing how I keep all my tea ware clean! Although, sometimes, as you can see in the photo below, the patina of silver is just as lovely as the sparkle of it!

I don't have time to spend polishing my silver, just as you, my days are filled with kids, home and a career. I have one secret weapon that makes it fast and fun, "Capecod Polishing Cloths" They smell good, work great and come in a zip bag so that I can pull it out months later to a soft moist cloth! 
I only use them on silver, basically because my copper bottom pots get a squirt of ketchup when they need some tarnish removed. 

When my teacups get stained, and yes, I am notorious for getting distracted and leaving my tea in my cup or pot overnight, I use this miracle scrubby sponge! I found them at the Dollar Store and now I can't do without them! 

Teapots can sometimes be a pain, if they get stained, so I use a baby bottle brush for the spout and if it's really bad, I get some chenille pipe cleaners from the craft store to push down all the way through the spout, with some baking soda. I fell in love with a vintage teapot at a jumble sale and this little trick did wonders! Of course, I spent at least 10 minutes rinsing it with hot water! 

Now, some tea connoisseurs will scream at you if you mention that you use soap in your teacups and teapots, but sometimes it just has to be done! Especially if you find a "must have" at a yard or jumble sale! When it's a matter of clean it or toss it, I pull out a pack of "Polident" fizzies and let them have at it! I've saved several teapots this way :)

What is your best tip or trick for keeping your lovely tea ware clean and ready to enjoy?
Please feel free to post your comment below and share! Remember, there are lots of ladies out there who are looking for a time-saving tip like yours!


  1. I like my solver a bit tarnished. Luv the patina :-)
    Thanks for the Pipe cleaner tip !! I too an notorious for leaving the tea in and walking away form the pot :-/
    Luv your array of tea strainers.
    Wishing you and your all the Best in the New Year.
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Wishing you a wonderful New Year also! So glad to hear that I have a cohort in the "forgetting the cup" club :)


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