Preparation and a pot of tea do wonders!

We have two December birthdays during the Christmas Season! That makes it a bit challenging, let me tell you! My youngest child's birthday kicks off the month and we always tried to hold off on the decorating until after his day. Now that he is going to be a teenager (how did that happen?) I decided to ask him about how we should handle his big day and getting ready for Christmas. He shocked the heck out of me and said, "Moooom.....the best part of having a December birthday is having the whole house look like a party!"
There you go, out of the mouth of babes! For years, I've put so much pressure on myself to do Birthdays and Holidays separately, not having enough time to do any of it properly, and it didn't have to be that way!

So this year, we are kicking off the whole season together! I've pulled out my teapot this morning, made a pot of Earl Grey and a nice english muffin as the printer hummed. I think the key to a great season will be in the planning and preparations. I remembered a fantastic organizer I had a few years back from The Flylady.
I put a Decorating Planner together for myself using her guides from her fabulous "Cruising Through the Holidays"  Have you met the "Flylady" yet? She'll help you fly through the house and more!

Now, I just need to figure out how to make my husband's birthday celebration more fun, as his is only a few days after Christmas and by then I'm so tired I'm not much fun.

Do you have December Birthdays in your family? What's your best tip for keeping it all together and fun for the family?


  1. Hello and good morning Kathleen.
    It's a beautiful day here in North Central Florida.
    I have to share, I took a page from your book, broke out the tea pot for one and made me a luvly pot of tea for myself last evening.Was a wonderful way to end my day.
    Here's to a wonderful weekend!
    Cheers, Gee

  2. Good for you, Gee! What's your favorite blend of tea?
    And have a wonderful weekend yourself :)


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