Making a Human Connection in a single moment!

As Thanksgiving comes to an end and we gear up for Christmas, I wanted to reflect on a wonderful moment during my Disney Vacation.
No, it didn't involve a mouse, princess or a long line. Although all were present!
This special moment took place when I least expected it to. (as it most often does)

A small gesture making the most important impact of the day, the week even.

I was scouting out a vacant table to snag for the family break over a taco salad.
It felt like thousands of others were thinking the same thing!
Around the corner, I spied a table just getting the wipe-down, so off I went. Four chairs sat around the table, but we needed five, so I very nicely asked the gentleman sitting at the table next to ours if he would be using all of his chairs.
He was with his granddaughter, and as soon as we began talking she darted off.
I was still by myself and in that flash of a second, I asked if he was having a good time, and if this was his first visit to Disney. We exchanged pleasantries, and I continued to ask a few small questions and then listened.
The conversation lasted five minutes at the most, and when we finished up he offered me his business card, and then thanked me for speaking with him. In those few moments of really connecting with a person I learned quite a bit about him.

But what made this moment special was his statement, "Kathy, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. No one ever talks to a person in a wheelchair. They look the other way, ignore you or rush by you. It's a very strange thing"

When he said it, I looked carefully and realized that he was indeed in a wheelchair & holding his cane.
As I spoke with him, I focused on his eyes and his smile, not really taking in the wheelchair.

Imagine, if we looked into someone's eyes when we were "connecting", how magical it would be.
Now there is something the Mouse and Walt himself would agree with!

In fact, I do believe it was my "Jabez Appointment" for the day! Thank you, Nolan.

How do you take the time to make a new connection? When was the last opportunity you had?