Living with your Tea Collections- Part 1

Ah, collections! How to live with them is the question. Do you have large groupings in one room of your home, or do you sprinkle them in small vignettes around the house? There really is no right or wrong way. I think it depends on the items in the collection and how they lend themselves to your style of living.
I have a few things that I collect and I do try not to get carried away. Moving twice in the last 6 years has helped me weed through my "Stuff" and keep only the things that I love.

My fascination with all things tea, leaning towards the European and floral, can be seen throughout my home. I like to mix it up! You'll find tarnished silver mixed with old pottery and fine china. Small groupings tucked in corners, featured on tables and even decorating the walls. Living with your collections adds a personality to a home, it reflects the mood and character of the people who make the house a home.

Over the next week or so, we'll be taking a look at how to highlight your tea collections around the house. I'd love to hear about your favorite item to collect and how you showcase it! Feel free to comment below and join the discussion on my facebook page :)