Happy Birthday, Marie!

I'm joining the celebration this week and enjoying all things wonderful about Marie Antoinette!
BirthdayLogomarie antoinette B
I just love, no -ADORE all things Parisian and Marie is at the top of my list! What I wouldn't have done to be on the set of the movie and just be an extra having tea and pretty little petit fours with Kirsten!
Maybe today I'll just pretend! I'll be on the phone all day, checking in with my TEAm but I always enjoy a pot of tea while I do this-so today I'll set the table and dream of having a princess take tea with me!

I know that pink was one of her favorite colors, and also that she loved little dogs! If you look closely you'll see her photo in the background and of course the glittery Eiffel Tower! I just love the swags and garlands on this fabric! If you want to take a peek at the collections and set a table for Marie, please click here.
Have you checked out this magazine yet? Lots of ideas to just set me pink with envy! I did come across a talented lady and just wanted to share her lovely Marie Madness with you! I think that we are kindred spirits- now I just have to meet her!  Please visit Joy,www.cupidscharm.com, you'll be happy you did. And I'm sure you need to "suggest" a gift idea or two for that hubby of yours to put into your stocking!

I'm always on the lookout for cute items with Marie's monogram on it! Please post a comment below and share your favorite "Marie Blog" or give me a heads up on where to find her monogram on  a great gift or two :) Have a Tea-rific Weekend!