Giving back and honoring our Veterans

My dad and husband both served in the military, one in the Army, the other in the Navy. So it is with great pride that I mention them both in this post. As you can imagine, Veteran's Day is a day of gratitude in our family.

Everyday you hear about companies giving back to their community. Each puts a different spin on it, sometimes losing the real spirit of the charity in the process.
For the past 5 years, I have been thinking, praying and researching different organizations, topics and charities-looking for something that we could sink our teeth into. I wanted it to really call to us. When one of our Consultants asked me, quite innocently, if we could send some tea overseas to her husband who was serving our country a great big smile spread across my face! This idea, immediately felt right! It's exactly what my soul was searching for.

That is how our new program, launched on Flag Dag this summer came to be. "Let Freedom Steep" is our small way to give back. Our servicemen and women need a bit of comfort from home. A cup of tea can provide that comfort and perhaps bring them to a place of quiet in an uncertain spot far from their friends and family.

Each month, we gather up all the donations of tea donated by our friends, family, facebook fans, Consultants and clients. We send a variety of tea, all in tea sachets so it's easy to make and enjoy ( better than a tea bag)
We select a troop, unit or even an individual to receive the care package from the recommendations made
through our clients. (If you would like to add a loved one to our list please contact us here )

Our first unit to receive the care package was so kind to send us a Thank you email and photo. The TEAm and I were so excited by their gratitude that I proudly put their photo in our new catalog!
I'm so pleased to be able to give back in this way, it's with a servant heart that we honor our Veteran's, past and present.  Happy Veteran's Day! And thank you so much for serving our country well.

* For more information on how to make a donation in honor of your Vet please click here.