What is a Tea Cozy?

The pleasure of collecting tea time items is a grand one! I love the thrill of finding a beautiful tea pot and then I can add to it's charm by using a lovely tea cozy!
What is a tea cozy? This is a padded cover that keeps the tea warm when you want to enjoy more than one cup of tea. Tea Cosies or Cozies come in two different styles; the wrap or the dome style. There are of course pluses and misuses for both styles, but I prefer the dome style. ( I could however, collect a few of these adorable knitted cozies!)
 Which style do you prefer? Are you a cozy collector?
TeaWithJaneSmCosie1   Wrap style tea cozy
I also love having a teacup cosie close to hand when I'm reading a good book or flipping through a magazine while helping with homework. There's nothing worse than coming back to your comfy chair and finding your tea cold! Now, mine is piping hot for an hour while I enjoy five minutes peace with a magazine or my kindle book!

There are many stories about how the tea cozy came about. I adore the story of the scottish farmer who came in for dinner with his hat still on his head. As dinner ended his wife reached over for the teapot to pour them some tea and found that his hat had fallen off his head sometime during dinner and covered the teapot. Lo and behold, the tea was hot because his hat had covered the pot all through dinner. She set out that night to knit the pot a "cozy"!
I also love the line, "Leave a man alone in the room with a tea cozy and it will no doubt end up on his head!"  I can vouch for this one! If  I only had a dollar for all the men who visit our shop and try on a cozy!
Man and a tea cosie

Have a tea-rific Day!