Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A personal Thank You note is a Treasure!

In this day of tweets, facebook events and mass emails a handwritten note is more important than ever! Over the past 8 days, I have met wonderful women at tea parties and vendor events. It was a pleasure to chat, visit and build relationships. Now, the next step is to send a thank you card in the mail! Yes, it does take a few minutes and you’ll need to grab a few postage stamps. Treat yourself to a book of lovely floral stamps and make those envelopes inviting and special!

A tea party hostess is someone that you want to build a lasting relationship with. Send her a thank you immediately following the party. She took time out of her busy schedule to share her home, family and friends with you, that deserves a little something; show your gratitude!
I also like to send a little card to each guest that attended the tea party. I call this the “it was a pleasure to meet you” card. This establishes a relationship built on authenticity, not commercial needs. As I make calls to service these guests they are more likely to answer because I took this step. They feel a connection with me, built on trust and service.
The new hostesses who booked tea parties with me will also receive a thank you! It’s so important to start the relationship and communication early! I will always remember a comment made by Jane Dueber, the founder of the DSWA. She said that the most frequent complaint of home party plan hostesses was that the consultant did not spend enough time communicating with them! They wanted to hear from the consultant more than once before the home party! Here we are thinking that we are pushy or intruding on the hostess, and they want to hear from us! So, take the time to show your appreciation to this new hostess-to-be, she may turn into your favorite TEAm member!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What is a Tea Cozy?

The pleasure of collecting tea time items is a grand one! I love the thrill of finding a beautiful tea pot and then I can add to it's charm by using a lovely tea cozy!
What is a tea cozy? This is a padded cover that keeps the tea warm when you want to enjoy more than one cup of tea. Tea Cosies or Cozies come in two different styles; the wrap or the dome style. There are of course pluses and misuses for both styles, but I prefer the dome style. ( I could however, collect a few of these adorable knitted cozies!)
 Which style do you prefer? Are you a cozy collector?
TeaWithJaneSmCosie1   Wrap style tea cozy
I also love having a teacup cosie close to hand when I'm reading a good book or flipping through a magazine while helping with homework. There's nothing worse than coming back to your comfy chair and finding your tea cold! Now, mine is piping hot for an hour while I enjoy five minutes peace with a magazine or my kindle book!

There are many stories about how the tea cozy came about. I adore the story of the scottish farmer who came in for dinner with his hat still on his head. As dinner ended his wife reached over for the teapot to pour them some tea and found that his hat had fallen off his head sometime during dinner and covered the teapot. Lo and behold, the tea was hot because his hat had covered the pot all through dinner. She set out that night to knit the pot a "cozy"!
I also love the line, "Leave a man alone in the room with a tea cozy and it will no doubt end up on his head!"  I can vouch for this one! If  I only had a dollar for all the men who visit our shop and try on a cozy!
Man and a tea cosie

Have a tea-rific Day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Mantel-scape for my favorite season!

I took a few minutes to be creative and dress up my mantel for my favorite season!  I adore the jewel tone colors of fall and wanted to bring them to the focal point of our living room.

I pulled out a wonderful silver-plate trophy style vase and loaded it with some silks! The reflection it makes in the mirror is just wonderful!  Do you like to stand your mirrors or hang them?

My sweet birds voted to stay in the arrangement. They have been playing on the mantel since the spring, but I don't tire of them, and they seem to enjoy the new scenery. The moss ribbon also stayed in the arrangement, as I just loved the rich green shade and how it pulled the color down to ground the mantel.

At the far right, you can seen my charming soup tureen. I just picked up this lovely at a flea last weekend!
It's just the right size to offset my tea strainer collection, don't you think?
Do you see the wonderful shadows the strainers are casting on the mantel? So fun!

How do you bring fall into your decor? Do you focus on holidays or seasons?
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