Sharing life over a can of Spray Paint

I've had a small project in mind for a month, ever since I packed up these urns and moved them to the new house in PA. These were a great deal from Micheal's 4 years ago, and as they weathered and got chippy they were a nice accent to the front steps of the NJ house. The NJ house, it's for sale by the way and can been checked out here, has a European flair to it and the chippy look added to the charm. The new house in PA has a more classic almost farmhouse feel to it and I wasn't loving the weathered look to the urns.
So, as my new DIY Mentor Courtney from French Country Cottage so often does, I headed to Lowes!
I knew what had to be accomplished and it should be a cinch! Just one can of spray paint and two plants!
Here it is after one coat of black satin. Looking good!

Here it is next to the twin. Nice transformation, and for just $4. Love it!
Voila, great looking black urn with Boston fern for the front porch area. Don't you just love the classic feel of an urn? And the black just dresses up my front entry. So, do tell. Which is your favorite? Chippy Chic or Classic Black?
Next week, the front door transformation and a view with both urns.
Can't wait to enjoy a glass of iced tea and sit and admire my work!