Playing with Dishes!

One of the things our customers love most about us is our help with setting a beautiful table! I love helping them coordinate colors, textures, and themes. This month we are featuring our wonderful Soiree Cosie Collection in our Success Starter Kit and I wanted to show our Hosts as well as our Customers how versatile it is.
Here's the collection last year, when it was first launched. Since then the manufacturer of the Tea Set has gone out of business. This made our TEAm sad but with some other color choices and fun ideas we are happy to say that it has continued to be a great seller!
There's nothing like sunflowers to make a summer table setting shine! We are loving the bold colors to add richness to this collection. Playing with the size, shape and texture of the dishware really says "come and sit and chat" to your guests. So please do pop by again at the end of the week for the reveal of the photo shoot.

And Yes, you most certainly can skip over to our website to purchase your own Soiree Collection, it includes a free set of tea napkins. (They're not in this photo)