Stop and Smell the Roses!

One of nature's truly amazing gifts is the rose! I just adore them, and when they boast their heavenly aroma, they are even better!
For the past several years, I've been longing for roses, but we just didn't have a sunny area to plant & enjoy them. But now, yes, I have lots of sun and room for them! As a reward for myself, I've been planning this purchase and traveling around my new neighborhood, pricing and learning. During a discussion with one of my PA Consultants, she mentioned her sister's nursery. I am a big believer in supporting small local businesses, so I asked what was available and you guessed it, I high-tailed it over and purchased 6 glorious rose bushes! You can find them on Facebook Here :)
These three knockout roses, in red, will fill in nicely and smile at my guests as they come to the front door.

I've sketched out an area on the side of the house for these 3 roses. I do want them close to the house. Then have pretty stone in this area with a bird bath with the boxwood outlining the other side of the stone area.
My boys will be helping with that digging, they just don't know it yet. :)  I can't wait to get going so that when I walk around to the front door, I can "Stop and Smell the ROSES!"