Sharing my Favorite Businesses over Tea! Week 3

I am pleased to introduce you to Cottage Flowers this week! I discovered this charming floral designer when prom time approached! I had been driving by and admiring the facade and frenchy feel for several weeks, just kept missing them! So  Iphone in hand, I snapped a shot of their hours sign and voila! I never miss them again.
Their shop area feels like a quick trip to a Paris Flower Stall, with the addition of stonework, wire work and vintage woodwork. I just adore the niche wall covered in an old manuscript! It's the perfect backdrop for the mercury glass and curiousity pieces of decor.

In the back corner of the shop is the client seating area, where you can admire the photos of current and previous floral arrangements. As you well know, I just love flowers and since my thumb is very purple I must indeed rely and a flower shop with a sense of style! Cottage Flowers is it! Check my "Business Directory" sidebar button for more contact info.