Hydrangea Envy- Party Week 3

I love spending the day at tradeshows, searching for new trends, enjoying all that is offered by such talented people. But I hate preparing for seasonal merchandising 4-6 months ahead! I walked aisle after aisle looking at Christmas ideas!
My question to you this week is... are you a summer hydrangea lover or fall hydrangea lover with the turn of the pinks and blues into jewel tones, the turn of white into ivory and ochre?
This arrangement is wonderful as it blends the colors of autumn with artichokes! What do you think of the french style container?
This arrangement highlights the fall with a more rustic appeal
A large wreath sits on the floor, waiting for another hydrangea lover to take it home. It mixes different shades of ivory  for a monochromatic softness.
These hydrangea topiaries will be the hit of the holiday season! 
What hydrangea season is your favorite?