Meet me for Tea at the Fair!

Last weekend darling daughter and I had the pleasure of doing our very first craft show/fair in our new neighborhood! It was sponsored by the Good Samaritan Church in Paoli, PA. We signed up for a fun action packed 2 days, hoping to make a few bucks and get the word out about my tea business.
As we pulled in on Friday morning, I took a look around and realized that this was going to be bigger than I expected. Which was actually kind of exciting, because I just love a good spree myself!

As it turned out, two of the best booths were just across from me. Wait until you see what I scored!
Joanne had a wonderful garden/picnic flair theme going in her booth. All the items were vintage and just spoke to you as you wandered thru. By 1pm she had sold most of her things! (That's when I had a chance to take the photo) She had just finished rearranging.

Next to Joanne was another vendor whose booth screamed at me! Come see me, Kathleen!!!!!  So as soon as I could I ran over and skipped through her shabby chicness. Janet's things were so lovely and so reasonably priced that I knew if I waited I would be very sad. I nabbed two things and waited on a third and yes, you guessed it-I missed out on the third! But, I am so happy with my score! I didn't have a chance to get a close up of her booth or even an early in the day photo. Her booth was picked over before you could say "Shabby Chic" :)

Well, here is my new shabby chic chair for my office. I feel like the queen when I sit in it! In fact, I sat in it when I needed to rest my feet at the fair. I also will enjoy my new tole tray. It's painted in shades of peach and cream and will be perfect for entertaining this summer by the poolside. I thought it was leaning in the chair in this shot, but I promise to show it off in a later post.

Are you wondering what I missed out on? Do you see that cute little set of table and chairs to the left of my new chair? It's just the cutest little set for a tea party! I know, why did I wait? I did do pretty well in my booth too, but I thought that I could justify the purchase on the second day of the show. Much to my dismay,   Janet didn't come for the second day! How did I miss that memo? Some vendors only did one day! 
I'm hoping to catch up with her in two weeks at "Jake's Flea market in Pottstown.  I heard it's great and did I mention that I just adore a good spree! :)