Iced Tea and Movie Night!

For Christmas this past year, I found the cutest outdoor projector for my family! All through the winter and spring I dreamed of outdoor movie nights with family, friends and neighbors.
I launched Movie Night last night, our first for the summer now that school is done! We hung a sheet up,(until I can find one of those "old fashioned" projector screens I used to sit and watch my grandparents slide shows from) and had a BIG screen viewing!
The kids had front row seats, with the camping/soccer chairs. The bench came in handy to hold the projector, dvd player and snacks.

We sat behind in comfy cushioned chairs, sipping iced tea and enjoying the cool breezes, candlelight and did I mention the "smor-chos"? I saw 2 minutes of the Nate Burkus Show, and the guest chef was layering graham crackers, chocolate and mini marshmallows into a skillet to broil and melt into a FAB nacho style treat!
It was heaven!
There are so many wonderful ideas to share for living and entertaining outdoors! What's your family favorite?