A sweet find at the races

We sipped on a wonderful drink all afternoon while we watched the races! Blueberry Lemonade, yum! Now it was a bit too sweet for me, so I asked to have it mixed with the iced tea she had in the next jar. Even better!
So of course, that got me to thinking....you got it, a new tea recipe!  Our Blueberry Buckle tea is a green and black tea blend, so it has tons of green tea sweetness but still has that black tea flavor I need, and lots of tiny blueberries. Steep 3 cups of it and add to frozen lemonade, I like Minute Maid the best but Wegman's comes in a close second. Add ice and wa-la! I think this will be a staple for the summer at the poolside!
And don't you just love the cute stands they made for the drink jars! An upside down crate with a blackboard glued to the front-so easy peasy and cute.