A Day at the Races

As we get to know our new town and all it has to offer I plan to share it with you! Today we had the opportunity to experience a day at the races. I was excited because it meant a new hat! And I imagined all kinds of people would be there, a great day for people watching.
Well, I've never been to the Kentucky Derby, but this was what I think it would be like! Horses, Lots of people in amazing hats, good food, fun and did I mention the horses?  In fact, the first race was so intense! Ten horses and jockeys at the start and only 2 finished the race. I've never seen a horse fall before, it was scary-and then to watch the jockey try and roll out of the way of the other horses coming at him full speed, well I needed another blueberry tea! A lady could swoon over such goings on.
There was just so much to see at the Radnor Steeplechase that you're going to have to put up with several posts!